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  • For this site some common words like calculator will return a high number of hits, try to refine your search.
  • Where less than 5 results are returned, other possible spellings may be suggested.
  • To search for phrases click the All used radio button.
  • To search for words click the Any search words radio button.
  • Searches with surrounding quotes " " can be used but results can be variable or slow.
  • Words over 35 characters will be split.
  • Searching can be expanded with a wildcard (* ? -)
    • Adding a * to the end of a term will match all endings.
       Eg. test* will match tests, tested, testing etc.
    • Adding a * to the start of a term will match all beginnings.
       Eg. *ing will match selecting, mounting etc.
    • ? will match any character.
       Eg. mot?r will find motor.
    • Adding a - to the start of a term will exclude that term.
       Eg. Cats -Dogs will return pages with Cats, but not Dogs.
  • The common preceding AND switch + is ignored.
  • The score represents the likelihood of your search terms appearing in the document or page found.
  • The number of results per page can be selected using the drop down menu to the right of the Search box.
  • Results can be sorted by relevance (highest score first), or by date (most recent first), by clicking the appropriate link on the right of the results.
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