Soemtron Calculator Market Trends

Over the years we have seen Soemtron calculators appear for sale in various places, mostly on Ebay, this page lists some we have found and managed to keep a track of.

Some of the more higher values have not met the sellers expectations, as they did not sell or seem to get any interest so there is obviousely a percieved market value that buyers place upon the Soemtron ETRxxx machines in spite of the sellers claims as to the machines "rarity" !.

Spare parts EG keyboard, displays, key switches, pcb's do seem to sell without too much trouble and at a reasonable cost.  Complete ETR's were reasonably priced some years ago (below 100 £/€), with ETR222's commanding higher prices, one in 2008 reaching €145 after a lot of bids, whilst this year (2022) one is prospectively at €399 !. The ETR222 is a rare machine as only 3,200 were made so it might sell, eventually.

For ETR220's, 2022 has seen speculative offers of €444 and €549, these would seem rather optimistic as over 155,000 of these were built, and they do come up in the markets reasonably regularly.

Late in 2021 an 8601a Prüfgerät appeared online offered for around €1000 which apparently did not sell.  It was later offered to the Soemtron website and has now been refurbished to full operation and features here on the website,  see Tester 8601A.

Date Unit Source Article # Description Sold Offers Web
May 2022 ETRxxx
15 digit
Ebay DE 384876762117 15 pieces of red digit display tube ZM1080 from Soemtron 220.
This is a complete 15 digit display assembly inculding the wiring and connectors.
(15 Stück Rote Ziffern-Anzeige-Röhre ZM1080 aus Soemtron 220).
€ 93,80   link
May 2022 ETR220
Ebay DE 384876761245 Soemtron 220 - original keyboard - working.
(Soemtron 220 - original Tastatur - funktionstüchtig).
€ 16,79   link
May 2022 ETR222 Ebay DE 334417063357 Soemtron ETR222 Desktop Calculator, Calculator, Nixie Tubes.
(Soemtron ETR222 Tischrechner, Rechenmaschine, Nixie Röhren).
  € 399 link
May 2022 ETR220 Ebay DE 224881041127 #SE423# Soemtron ETR220 desktop calculator, calculating machine tube Nixie PC classic.
(#SE423# Soemtron ETR220 Tischrechner, Rechenmaschine Röhren Nixie PC Klassiker).
  € 444 link
January 2022 EFA381
Ebay DE 115169456371 Tester for the Fakturiermaschine (Invoice machine) EFA 381 from VEB Robotron.  Soemtron EFA381 Prüfgerät 8601a, the buy it now price listed was apparently "symbolic".  See Tester 8601A € 150 € 1000  
August 2021 ETR220 Ebay DE
Reserved Electrical desktop calculator Soemtron ETR 220.
(Elektrischer Tischrechner Soemtron ETR 220).
  € 549
November 2021 ETR220 Ebay DE
  Offering a rare Soemtron ETR200 desktop calculator.  The ETR200 does not exist but the picture is for an ETR220.
(Biete hier einen seltenen Soemtron ETR200 Tischrechner).
  € 400 link
June 2020 ETRxxx
Ebay DE 232971216494 Input circuit board with 8 microswitches and cable (Keyboard switches).
2 boards, not for an ETRxxx caculator but contained the same switches.
(Eingabeplatine mit 8 Stück Mikrotaster und Kabel).
€ 16    
May 2020 31 pin
Ebay DE 303463174542 Socket header connector frame assembly, gold-plated contacts RFT DDR.  QTY 50, 31 pin plug and socket sets for backplane and circuit cards.
(Buchsen-Steckerleiste Steckverbinder Rahmenmontage, vergoldete Kontakte RFT DDR).
€ 80    
December 2016 ETRxxx
keyboard switches
Ebay DE 381876107086 DDR micro switch C 3 in orange - 220 V - 4 A alternating current.
(DDR Mikrotaster C 3 in orange - 220 V - 4 A Wechselstrom).
€ 2.00    
December 2016 ETRxxx
keyboard switches
Ebay DE 381876113081 Robotron Sömmerda "Soemtron 220" keyboard for desktop calculator.
(Robotron Sömmerda "Soemtron 220" Tastatur für Tischrechner).
October 2015 ETR222
Ebay DE 181853054347 Electronic desktop calculator ETR 222 Daro Soemtron calculating machine.  Listed as an ETR222 but actually an ETR220.
(Elektronischer Tischrechner ETR 222 Daro Soemtron Rechenmaschine).
June 2015 ETR220   Soemtron 220 Made in GDR old calculator rarity   £1,500  
August 2008 ETR222 Ebay DE 280214924923 GDR VEB Soemtron Robotron calculating machine Leipzig Luwi.
(DDR VEB Soemtron Robotron Rechenmaschine Leipzig Luwi).
€ 145    
December 2007 ETR220 Ebay DE 230195655773 Calculator Soemtron 220 VEB office machines Sömmerda.
(Rechenmaschine Soemtron 220 VEB Büromaschinen Sömmerda).
€ 53    

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