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Only 526 Soemtron ETR 224 printing calculators were made during the units six year production between 1968 to 1974.  By modern standards they are extremely large and cumbersome, but very typical of their age - the 1960's.  This section shows a few views of a typical Soemtron ETR 224, of which we believe that there are only four left in the world -

  1. A partially working machine in the Historisch-technisches Museum in Sömmerda.
  2. Our machine currently undergoing restoration in the collection.
  3. One in the hands of a private collector in Sömmerda.
  4. And the fourth machine in the Museum für Historische Bürotechnik in Naunhof.

To date we have found that very little information, if any, exists about the Soemtron ETR 224 and certainly no technical information appears to have survived at all.

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If you have any further historical information, circuits, drawings, photographs, data or manuals about the Soemtron ETR 220, 221, 222, 224 or their manufacture, test equipment (Prüfgeräte) or you just know more about the Soemtron companies in general then please let us know, contact us.

Currently only four Soemtron 224's are known in the wild, click image for a larger version
Museum 224
One of only four remaining Soemtron 224's in existence, click image for a larger version
Currently only four Soemtron 224's are known in the wild, click image for a larger version
Inside the 224
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(Click an image for a larger version)

We have started the restoration of our 224, which we expect to take about a year, with progress documented in the pages linked below.  Like the 220 pages we hope that the information gathered from this process will evolve into a full technical documentation set for the Soemtron 224.

  • Various photos of our Soemtron 224 before restoration
  • Photos of the restoration progress.

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