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Surface mount components, Capacitor clamps / clips, BCD thumb-wheel switches stop pins and end plates, DP / SP relays and sockets, lamps, studding, switches, buss bar for wire wrap pins, fans, fuses, and more ..... for those hard to find electronic parts, excess inventory and surface mount components.

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All semiconductor parts are stored and supplied in anti-static packaging.

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SwitchesRelays | Fuses & holders | Miscellaneous | Wire & cable | Hardware
Stock #Part #DescriptionQtyEachData
D1032Cherry 0-9 decimal thumb-wheelThumb-wheel switch Cherry TNC4000 series 0-9 decimal coded, 33mm high 8mm wide PCB wire spills, now Datex T65 series78£2.00View image View datasheet
D1059Cherry 0-9 BCD thumb-wheelThumb-wheel switch Cherry TNC4000 series 0-9 BCD coded, 33mm high 8mm wide, now Datex T65 series500£2.00View image View datasheet
MS1062Switch end plateThumb-wheel switch end plate for D1032 & D1059465£0.50View image
D1003Stop pinsThumb-wheel switch stop pins for D1032 & D1059, dia 1.4mm, length 2.9mm, pin length 2.7mm250£0.00View image
A1064Brass studdingThumb-wheel switch brass studding for D1032 & D10598£0.50View image
J1072Nut + washerThumb-wheel switch nut + fiber washers for D1032 & D10591000£0.05View image
H1774Apem 9633Push button switch SPNO Apem 9000 series P# 9633NCD+U482, RS:336-747 9633NCD+U48216£1.00View datasheet
K1164ATH412100625Saia-Burgess TH412100625 16mm latching pushbutton switch square - reclaimed1£6.50View datasheet
MG30Saia-Burgess TH400100601Saia-Burgess TH400100601 16mm momentary pushbutton switch rectangular, RS:338-945 takes MM31 K116511£10.00View datasheet
MG8Saia-Burgess TH40210062Saia-Burgess TH402100625 16mm momentary pushbutton switch square, RS:339-342 takes MG5 MG6 MG7 MM12 K1165 K1168 K11764£7.50View datasheet
MG8ASaia-Burgess TH402100625Saia-Burgess TH402100625 16mm momentary pushbutton switch square, RS:339-342 takes MG5 MG6 MG7 MM12 K1165 K1168 K1176 (reclaimed stock)14£4.00View datasheet
K1165Saia-Burgess switch blockSaia-Burgess extra switch contact block for 16mm switches 1 N/O + 1 N/C with screws, RS:339-033 for K1164 MG8 MG8A MG3015£4.00View datasheet
MG59Cherry DG microswitchMicroswitch Cherry DG series sub miniature lever, RS:665-9667£0.50View datasheet
MG65Erg SC5-1G2-023DIP Switch DPCO PCB Erg SC5-1G2-02343£0.05View datasheet
MG76PCB toggle switchToggle switch ultra miniature PCB, was RS:318-5695£1.00View image
K1412Hartmann PT65Rotary PCB switch BCD coded 0-9 Hartmann PT65 series PT65701L508, RS:379-383416£1.00View datasheet
G1598Voltage selectorMains voltage selector 240V/120V27£0.50View image
C1963Apem DS-04DIP switch 4 way Apem DS-04237£0.30View datasheet
MS20-1ALCO ADS04SCTDIP switch 4 way SM ALCO ADS04SCT350£0.40View datasheet
MS20-2Knitter switch SBS4004TDIP switch 4 way SM Knitter switch SBS4004T surface mount, similar to RS:702-3669968£0.40View datasheet
MZ1152US2N-2Slide switch PCB R/A DPDT on-on, was RS:334-280 now RS:429-49215£2.00View datasheet
MA18Switch PCB 90D SPDTToggle switch PCB 90D SPDT on-off-on, was RS:318-5695£2.00View image
MZ1070APEM Y12CPToggle switch APEM Y12CP 15A SPDT on-on, was RS:316-838 now RS:518-53146£2.50View datasheet
MM84APEM 5639Toggle switch SPCO on-off-on (centre off), FEC:190-06583£1.25View datasheet
K17APEM 5647Toggle switch APEM 5647 DP mom-off-mom solder terminal, RS:692-51942£1.75View datasheet
MM66Slide switch 25136Slide switch pcb SPDT 25136 APR C514£2.00View image
MM81Slide switch 550 4510Slide switch pcb SPDT 550 4510 0.5VA, similar RS:718-2310 or TE Connectivity P#+C581571982-26£3.00View image
F231MD3T6B11M1QEToggle switch Multicomp DPDT on-off-on, RS:394-425 1MD3T6B11M1QES-1, FEC:947-3670 1MD3T6B11M1QE2£2.50View datasheet View datasheet
F1920THERMIK L02-090,05,300Thermal switch N/O type L02 90DegC 5DegC tolerance 300mm leads M4 mounting THERMIK6£5.00View image View datasheet
H42AWTN1504DPCO switch high current 20A TE Connectivity AWTN1504, RS:317-4371£10.00View image View datasheet
MM68C&K D6C40 F1 LFSPushbutton switch Red SPST momentary pcb, was RS:334-892 (C&K Y41A00007FP) now RS:102-305 C&K D6C40 F1 LFS3£1.00View datasheet
MA5867L080Airpax 67L080 thermal switch TO220 2 pin 80degC 1A, was RS:178-801 or 253-2745 FEC:15247042£2.50View datasheet

RelaysSwitches | Fuses & holders | Miscellaneous | Wire & cable | Hardware
Stock #Part #DescriptionQtyEachData
F10451SB24TRelay Pye Electro Devices low signal relay 24V coil 2A@30V contacts, equivalent to NTE R40-11D2-24, was FEC 466-8031£5.00View datasheet
J1239Zettler AZ820PCB relay Zettler AZ80-2C-12DE DPCO 12V coil 0.5A@125Vac contacts18£0.50View datasheet
MX4Crydom D2440Solid state relay 3-32Vdc D2440 240V@40A Crydom, FEC:1200243 or RS:736-08672£20.00View image View datasheet
MA9Crydom DMP6301ASolid state relay 5Vin 3A@60Vdc DMP6301A Crydom, FEC:3087424£4.00View datasheet
F1769Fujitsu VB12TBN 12VPCB relay DPCO 12V coil 5A@240Vac contacts VB12TBN Fujitsu (Takamisawa)8£2.50View image View datasheet
S01Matsushita JE1XN-DC12VPCB relay JE1-DC12V AJE121 5A@125VAC 3A@250VAC contacts Matsushita discontinued product (Panasonic)14£2.50View datasheet View datasheet
MG50Omron G2R-1-SN 12VPlug in relay with led indicator Omron G2R-1-SN 1PCO 12V coil 10A@250Vac contacts6£2.50View datasheet
MX24Omron G2R-2-SN 24VPlug in relay with led indicator Omron G2R-2-SN DPCO 24V coil 5A@250Vac contacts6£2.00View datasheet
A1238Omron G5V-2 24VPCB relay Omron G5V-2 DPCO 24V coil 2A@125Vac contacts, FEC:994950065£1.25View datasheet
MX14Omron G6E-134P-US 12VPCB relay Omron G6E-134P SPCO 12V coil 3A@125Vac contacts, FEC:9949178 or RS:376-6005£2.25View datasheet
H1608Omron MY4 24VPlug in relay Omron MY4 4PCO 24V coil 5A@250Vac contacts, FEC:1340946 or RS:340-3584£4.00View datasheet
MX33Siemens V23105Siemens (Tyco Axicom) V23105A5477A201 relay BT47 style 3A DPCO contacts 24Vdc coil, FEC:1174989 or RS:351-8474£0.75View datasheet
MZ3F701.016 digit counter/totaliser (no reset) 12V coil F701.01, was FEC:175-79112£5.00View image
MM82Cradle relayCradle Relay 4PCO 27vdc 700ohm coil, was RS:348-958 similar RS:268-4414 (TE Connectivity 3-1393807-7)2£20.00View datasheet
MM56PCB Cradle Relay basePCB Relay base 4PCO PCB with retaining spring TE Connectivity V23154-Z1002 Tyco 9-1393809-1, was RS:349-305 now RS:256-1872 or FEC:11976643£2.50View image View datasheet
J1042PCB Cradle Relay basePCB relay base 2PCO with retaining spring TE Connectivity V23154-Z1001 Tyco 0-1393824-1, FEC:1197663 was RS:349-29860£3.00View image View datasheet
MA434190HA, 5945-99-053-0470, 507/1/02882/001DPCO hermetically sealed relay 1.3V 2ohm DPCO by STC, P# 4190HA, Nato# 5945-99-053-0470, 507/1/02882/00110£10.00View image
MA444190HB, 5945-99-053-0471, 507/1/02882/002, 5945-99-541-2041DPCO hermetically sealed relay 6V 45 ohm DPCO by STC, P# 4190HB, Nato# 5945-99-053-0471, 507/1/02882/002, 5945-99-541-20414£10.00View image
MA454190HE, 5945-99-053-????, Z530474DPCO hermetically sealed relay 48V 2500ohm DPCO by STC, P# 4190HE, Nato# 5945-99-053-????8£10.00View image
MA464190GC, 5945-99-541-2037, 507/1/02284/033, 5945-99-011-9880DPCO hermetically sealed relay 12V 170ohm DPCO by STC, P# 4190GC, Nato# 5945-99-541-2037, 507/1/02284/033, 5945-99-011-98801£10.00View image
MA464193AA, 5945-99-011-9098DPCO hermetically sealed relay ?V 6800ohm DPCO by STC, P# 4193AA, Nato# 5945-99-011-90981£12.00View image
MA51Astralux 182A-33Astralux 182A-33 2PNO relay, 240Vac 0.5A 10W max, 5V coil, hermetically sealed DIP package7£5.00View image View datasheet

FusesSwitches | Relays | Miscellaneous | Wire & cable | Hardware
Stock #Part #DescriptionQtyEachData
MM40500mA 20mmLittelfuse 0217.500M 500mA 20mm quick blow F, was RS416-253 now RS:541-4347 (0217.500MXP) or FEC:1354567 (0217.500P)16£0.10View image View datasheet
MM1773500mA 32mm500mA 32mm quick blow F, RS:412-239 similar Multicomp MCF01G-500MA55£0.10View image View datasheet
MA29650mA 20mm650mA 20mm quick blow F4£0.10View datasheet
MM17321A 20mmLittelfuse 0217001.M 1A 20mm quick blow F, was RS416-297 now RS:541-4375 (Littelfuse 0217001.MXP)20£0.10View image View datasheet
MX361.5A 32mmBussmann TDC10-1.5A 1.5A 32mm quick blow F, RS:412-26743£0.10View image View datasheet
MM432A 20mmFuse 20mm T2A, similar RS:738-279785£0.10View image View datasheet
F212A 20mm20mm 2A 250V F2A, RS:668-59695£0.05View image
MM383A axial3A axial N.O.S. Bussmann Microtron MCR3, similar to FEC:1123047 MCRW3190£0.40View image View datasheet
MX403A axialLittelfuse 0473003.HAT1 125V 3A axial Pico II 7x32mm slow blow T, was RS:419-353 now RS:541-3186 (0473003.HAT1L) or FEC:9922091 (0473003.MRT1L)28£0.40View datasheet
F223A 20mm20mm 3A 250V F3AL, RS:541-3493A25£0.05View image
MF1204A4A surface mount (1206)? 2300£0.20View datasheet
MM395A axial5A axial N.O.S. Bussmann Microtron MCR5, similar to FEC:1123052 MCRW535£0.40View image View datasheet
MA205A 20mmNEUTRAL 5A 20mm quick blow F13£0.10View image View datasheet
MM13855A 20mmNEUTRAL 5A 20mm slow blow T, RS:416-54041£0.10View image View datasheet
F205A 20mm20mm 5A fuse 250V F5AL, RS:668-597551£0.05View image
MM17725A 32mm5A 32mm quick blow F TDC10-5A, RS:412-30225£0.10View image View datasheet
MG696A NSD06GEC Alsthom safe clip HRC fuse 6A NSD06 BS88 Bussmann NSD06A, FEC:1202351 fits MG7129£1.25View datasheet View datasheet
MG8210A NSD10GEC Alsthom safe clip HRC fuse 10A NSD10 BS88 Bussmann NSD10A, FEC:1202351 or RS:413-490 fits MG714£1.25View datasheet View datasheet
F1810A 20mmCeramic fuse 20mm 10A T10AH anti-surge, RS:563-592A5£0.10View image
K1810A 32mmBussmann TDC10-10A 10A 32mm quick blow F, FEC:535000 or RS:412-32430£0.10View image View datasheet
MM4216A 20mmSchurter 0034.3129 16A fuse 20mm slow blow T, RS:167-6169 or FEC:136082436£0.20View image View datasheet
MM4120A 20mmSchurter 0034.3130 20A fuse 20mm slow blow T, FEC:165176520£0.20View image View datasheet
MG7020A NSD20GEC Alsthom safe clip HRC fuse 20A NSD20 BS88 Bussmann NSD20A, FEC:1202354 or RS:413-513 fits MG715£1.25View datasheet
MM2832A NSD32GEC Alsthom pull cap HRC fuse 32A NSD32 BS88 Bussmann NSD32A, FEC:1202410 or RS:414-083 fits MG712£1.50View datasheet
MZ1342PCB fuse clipSchurter PCB fuse clip Schurter 751.011 for 20mm fuses, 2 clips per fuse required, Anglia:019741C or FEC:1453528750£1.03View image View datasheet
MG71Bussmann 32NNSFSafe clip fuseholder DIN rail mount Bussmann 32NNSF, FEC:556154 for MG69 MG70 MG8212£3.00View datasheet
J1056Bulgin FX0296/1Fuse holder 5x20mm panel mount Bulgin FX0296/1, RS:359-5961 similar FEC:31935118£1.00View image View datasheet
MA2228Bulgin FX0360Fuse holder 5x20mm panel mount "open" Bulgin FX0360, RS:213-7586 or FEC:439-73310£0.50View image View datasheet
K1594Bulgin FX0455Fuse holder 5x20mm panel mount Bulgin FX0455, RS:359-5911 or FEC:31940520£1.00View image View datasheet
J2103Bulgin FX0457Fuse holder 5x20mm horizontal PCB Bulgin FX0457, FEC:149-9204£1.00View image View datasheet
H43Multicomp MCHTC-45MFuse holder 5x20mm vertical PCB fuse holder, FEC:149-1873£1.50View datasheet

MiscellaneousSwitches | Relays | Fuses | Wire & cable | Hardware
Stock #Part #DescriptionQtyEachData
MG86TH450000625Saia-Burgess TH450000625 rectangular lamp holder 16mm, RS:338-967 takes MM3123£6.50View datasheet
K1168TH452000601Saia-Burgess TH452000601 square lamp holder 16mm; RS:339-437 takes MG5 MG6 MG7 MM12 K1176 MM3126£3.00View datasheet
MG7TH463413000Saia-Burgess TH463413000 square RED lens cap, RS:339-392 for MG8 K1164 K11684£0.50View datasheet
MG6TH463613000Saia-Burgess TH463613000 square AMBER lens cap, RS:339-409 for MG8 K1164 K116831£0.50View datasheet
MG5TH463313000Saia-Burgess TH463313000 square BLUE lens cap, RS:339-386 for MG8 K1168 K116448£0.50View datasheet
MM12TH463013000Saia-Burgess TH463013000 square OPAL lens cap, RS:339-364 for MG8 K1164 K116812£0.50View datasheet
K1176TH463213000Saia-Burgess TH463213000 square GREEN lens cap, RS:339-370 for MG8 K1164 K116827£0.50View datasheet
MM31T5.5 lampTelephone slide lamp T5.5 220V for MG8 MG30 MG86 K1168 K116462£0.40View image View datasheet
MM69515205AMBER240VNeon panel indicator amber 6.4mm 250Vac Boss 515205AMBER240V, RS:576-614 or FEC:7451945£1.00View image View datasheet
E2372AD6624HB-D71GLBrushless DC 60mm axial fan 24Vdc AD6624HB-D71GL (ADDA Corp.£5.00View image View datasheet
K2318Papst LZ30K120mm axial fan finger guard Papst LZ30K11£2.00View image View datasheet
MS16SM inductorSDS1206-391K 390uH 0.55A surface mount inductor KOA Europe180£1.00View datasheet
MS21CM4545Z131B-00CM4545Z131B-00 Common mode choke Steward 10A 130ohm 10mHz706£0.40View datasheet
MF121Murata NFM61RFilter 1000pF 50V 2A NFM61R10T102T1M00 Murata EMIFIL1850£0.10View datasheet
MA33Transformer 12VA PCBTransformer 12VA PCB mount inputs, 0-110 0-110-115, outputs 0-15 0-15 400mA, similar FEC:17127235£3.50View datasheet
DSK1DC100A3M DC100A cassette tape used once as software backup on PWS (Pacific Western Systems) Colt high speed memory tester (list available)5£10.00 
MM51IS-21A piezo sounderPiezo sounder IS-21A PCB mount, was FEC:106-595, similar RS:485-8869 (Transducer PCB piezo 15Vpp 90dB)4£2.00View image
F15Inductor axial 10nHInductor axial 10nH, similar RS:191-0481 (Epcos B78108S1103K)9£0.10View image View datasheet
H19H8630FBNALRed neon panel lamp rectangular Arco Electric H8630FBNAL, RS:577-5501£1.00View datasheet
MA2307160596.1PM121 transformer 230V, 22.5-0-22.5V by J.M. Clarke size 30mm(W) x 67mm(H) x 70mm(D)5£5.00View image
S44RS3008-IDFRasmi 3008-IDF 3 phase RFI filter 3x440Vac 50/50Hz 8A1£20.00View image
S43FS5581-12-07LLSchaffner single phase filter FS5581-12-07LL low leakage 250Vac 50/60Hz 12A (Control Techniques Part 4200-6103 for Commander SE)5£15.00View image
MA56FN343-3/05Schaffner filter FN343-3/05 250V 3A1£25.00View image View datasheet

Wire, cable and relatedSwitches | Relays | Fuses | Miscellaneous | Hardware
Stock #Part #DescriptionQtyEachData
W13457/0.2 wire BrownEquipment wire PVC 7/0.2 (0.2mm2) Brown 100M, was FEC:140-312 now FEC:12193242 reels£4.00View datasheet
W13467/0.2 wire RedEquipment wire PVC 7/0.2 (0.2mm2) Red 100M, was FEC:140-313 now FEC:12193251 reel£4.00View datasheet
W13477/0.2 wire OrangeEquipment wire PVC 7/0.2 (0.2mm2) Orange 100M, was FEC:140-314 now FEC:12193262 reels£4.00View datasheet
W13497/0.2 wire GreenEquipment wire PVC 7/0.2 (0.2mm2) Green 100M, was FEC:140-316 now FEC:12193251 reel£4.00View datasheet
W13507/0.2 wire BlueEquipment wire PVC 7/0.2 (0.2mm2) Blue 100M, was FEC:140-316 now FEC:12193301 reel£4.00View datasheet
W13517/0.2 wire VioletEquipment wire PVC 7/0.2 (0.2mm2) Violet 100M, was FEC:140-318 now FEC:12193311 reel£4.00View datasheet
W13527/0.2 wire GreyEquipment wire PVC 7/0.2 (0.2mm2) Grey 100M, was FEC:140-319 now FEC:11728792 reels£4.00View datasheet
W13537/0.2 wire WhiteEquipment wire PVC 7/0.2 (0.2mm2) White 100M, was FEC:140-319 now FEC:12193331 reel£4.00View datasheet
W13547/0.2 wire PinkEquipment wire PVC 7/0.2 (0.2mm2) Pink 100M, was FEC:140-321 now FEC:12193341 reel£4.00View datasheet
W13557/0.2 wire BlackEquipment wire PVC 7/0.2 (0.2mm2) Black 100M, was FEC:140-321 now FEC:11729041 reel£4.00View datasheet
W135616/0.2 wire BrownEquipment wire PVC 16/0.2 (0.2mm2) Brown 100M, was FEC:140-340 now FEC:11729051 reel£6.00View datasheet
W135716/0.2 wire RedEquipment wire PVC 16/0.2 (0.2mm2) Red 100M, was FEC:140-341 now FEC:11729071 reel£6.00View datasheet
W135816/0.2 wire OrangeEquipment wire PVC 16/0.2 (0.5mm2) Orange 100M, was FEC:140-342 now FEC:11729081 reel£6.00View datasheet
W135916/0.2 wire YellowEquipment wire PVC 16/0.2 (0.5mm2) Yellow 100M, was FEC:140-343 now FEC:11729091 reel£6.00View datasheet
W136116/0.2 wire BlueEquipment wire PVC 16/0.2 (0.5mm2) Blue 100M, was FEC:140-345 now FEC:1172911 or RS:356-4541 reel£6.00View datasheet
W136216/0.2 wire VioletEquipment wire PVC 16/0.2 (0.5mm2) Violet 100M, was FEC:140-346 now FEC:11729122 reels£6.00View datasheet
W136316/0.2 wire GreyEquipment wire PVC 16/0.2 (0.5mm2) Grey 100M, was FEC:140-347 now FEC:11729131 reel£6.00View datasheet
W136416/0.2 wire WhiteEquipment wire PVC 16/0.2 (0.5mm2) White 100M, was FEC:140-348 now FEC:11729141 reel£6.00View datasheet
W136516/0.2 wire PinkEquipment wire PVC 16/0.2 (0.5mm2) Pink 100M, was FEC:140-349 now FEC:11729152 reels£6.00View datasheet
W136632/0.2 wire BlackEquipment wire PVC 32/0.2 (1.0mm2) Black 100M, was FEC:150-122 now FEC:11730122 reels£8.00View datasheet
W136732/0.2 wire BrownEquipment wire PVC 32/0.2 (1.0mm2) Brown 100M, was FEC:150-123 now FEC:11730131 reel£8.00View datasheet
W136832/0.2 wire RedEquipment wire PVC 32/0.2 (1.0mm2) Red 100M, was FEC:143-526 now FEC:11730142 reels£8.00View datasheet
W137132/0.2 wire GreenEquipment wire PVC 32/0.2 (1.0mm2) Green 100M, was FEC:140-395 now FEC:11730183 reels£8.00View datasheet
W137232/0.2 wire BlueEquipment wire PVC 32/0.2 (1.0mm2) Blue 100M, was FEC:150-128 now FEC:11730011 reel£8.00View datasheet
W137632/0.2 wire PinkEquipment wire PVC 32/0.2 (1.0mm2) Pink 100M, was FEC:150-132 now FEC:11730231 reel£8.00View datasheet
W137732/0.2 wire EarthEquipment wire PVC 32/0.2 (1.0mm2) Earth Green/Yellow 100M, was FEC:267-570 now FEC:11730251 reel£8.00View datasheet
MZ1180H20 SleeveRubber sleeve H20 2.0mm bore 20mm long, RS:397-736 (Hellermann Tyton 901-10497)1330£0.01View image View datasheet
F3H50 SleeveExpandable sleeve H50 5.0mm bore 25mm long, RS:397-758 (Hellermann Tyton 600-01982) or FEC:1169035 (P#H50X25)165£0.01View image View datasheet
J1190PTFE tubing 0.89mmPTFE sleeving / tubing 0.89mm bore 5M roll, was RS:399-805 now RS:404-5224£2.00View image
F1PTFE tubing 1.91mmPTFE sleeving / tubing 1.91mm bore 5M reel, was RS:399-833 now RS:404-4611£2.00View image
MZ2337Braided sleeving5M x 5mm (nominal) grey braided sleeving, was RS:398-509 now RS:408-243, similar to FEC:12972383£2.50View datasheet
MZ1740Braided sleeving5M x 10mm (nominal) grey braided sleeving, was RS:398-492 now RS:408-2372£3.50View datasheet
MZ2339Braided sleeving5M x 20mm (nominal) grey braided sleeving, was RS:398-470 now RS:408-233 FEC:32236931£5.00View datasheet
MZ1332Solder Tag M3Solder tag M3/6BA hot tinned brass, RS:186-7848430£0.01View image View datasheet
MZ1333Solder Tag M5Solder tag M5/2BA hot tinned brass, RS:186-783215£0.01View image View datasheet
S28Ring crimp Yellow MVR5-S4Ring crimp Yellow M4 x 7.2 MVR5-S4, similar RS:842-157 FEC:434398050£0.05View image
S26Ring crimp Yellow MVR5-5Ring crimp Yellow M5 x 9.5 MVR5-5, similar RS:842-141 FEC:434399250£0.05View image
S27Ring crimp Yellow MVR5-8Ring crimp Yellow M8 x 15 MVR5-8, similar RS:278-9137 FEC:4344017100£0.05View image
K9Ring crimp BlueRing crimp Blue M3 x 6.6, similar to FEC:3864455 or RS:842-062 (JST FVGS3-2.5)268£0.05View image View datasheet
K8Ring crimp BlueRing crimp Blue M4 x 6.6, similar to FEC:9993274 or RS:842-056 (JST FVGS4-2.5)595£0.05View image View datasheet
K7Ring crimp BlueRing crimp Blue M5 x 8.3, similar to FEC:9993282 or RS:842-040 (JST FVGS5-2.5)400£0.05View image View datasheet
MX32Ring crimp RedRing crimp Red M3 x 5.7, similar to FEC:3864390 or RS:613-9227 (JST FVGS3-1)95£0.05View datasheet
MA47FV1.25-6Ring crimp Red M6x12, similar FEC:9971580 RS:688-118932£0.05View image View datasheet
K6Fork crimp YellowFork crimp Yellow M4 x 8.3, similar to FEC:1348506 Tyco 1-1838179-0180£0.05View image View datasheet
MM34Fork crimp YellowFork crimp Yellow M5 x 9, similar to FEC:3085338 Tyco 32589100£0.05View image View datasheet
S19Fork crimp Yellow MVF5-6Fork crimp Yellow M6 x 12 MVF5-6, similar RS: 534-474 FEC:9971815100£0.05View image
MM33Fork crimp BlueFork crimp Blue M4 x 6.4, similar to FEC:1348501 Tyco 1-1838175-0?£0.05View image View datasheet
S29Fork crimp BlueFork crimp Blue M6 x 12, similar RS: 534-604A FEC:9971785100£0.05View image
S30Fork crimp RedFork crimp Red M6 x 12, similar RS:534-244 FEC:9971734100£0.05View image
MX35Male spade crimp 6.35mm Red6.35mm male crimp spade Red JST, similar TE Connectivity P#140896-2 or FEC:740483970£0.015View image View datasheet
MX39Female crimp naturalFemale crimp natural 3.175mm (0.125in) for 1.0mm wire, similar FEC:1815097 TE Connectivity P#2-520979-282£0.01View image View datasheet
MA39TWE0.5-8 WhiteBootlace ferrule for 0.5mm CSA wire tin plated copper white insulator TWE0.5-8 (French or German code), RS:458-689 or FEC:1870745 or FEC:1870718290£0.04View image View datasheet
G1616GTR0.5-8 OrangeBootlace ferrule for 0.5mm CSA wire tin plated copper orange insulator GTR0.5-8 (German code), RS:458-746 or FEC:1870732900£0.04View image View datasheet
MM49GTR1.0-8 YellowBootlace ferrule for 1.0mm CSA wire tin plated copper yellow insulator GTR1.0-8 (German code) RS:458-768 or FEC:1870734378£0.04View image View datasheet
MA37FWE2.5-8 GreyBootlace ferrule for 2.5mm CSA wire tin plated copper grey insulator FWE2.5-8 (French code) MNCF251 , RS:458-724 or FEC:1870722400£0.04View image View datasheet
S12FWE4-10 OrangeBootlace ferrule 4.0mm CSA wire Orange insulator FWE4-10 (French code) MNCF401, FEC:1870723 RS:688-1057400£0.04View image View datasheet
MA48GTR1.5-8Bootlace ferrule 1.5mm CSA wire tin plated copper Red insulator, similar FEC:1870735 GTR1.5-8 German code207£0.05View image View datasheet
MA49GWE2.5-8Bootlace ferrule 2.5mm CSA wire tin plated copper Blue insulator, similar FEC:1870736 JST GWE2.5-8 German code82£0.05View image
W1TFC25G25 way grey ribbon cable 28AWG 300V 100ft reel Taicom, was FEC:302-120 now FEC:1746566 RS:2509084209 Anglia:6700253£25.00View datasheet
W3TFC40G40 way grey ribbon cable 28AWG 300V 100ft reel Taicom, Anglia:670040 FEC:1746570 RS:25091517471£30.00View datasheet
W23365-5050 way grey ribbon cable 28AWG 300V 100ft reel Scotchflex 3365-50, FEC:296909 RS:2509151753 Anglia:670050 equivalent Taicom TFC50G1£50.00View datasheet
S11Cable tieCable tie Nylon natural 100mm pack of 100 P#CV-100, similar FEC:141603942£1.00View datasheet
MA2412.7mm grommetGrommet black 12.7mm hole for 1mm (1.5mm) panel25£0.02View image
MA2220mm grommetGrommet black 20mm hole for 1mm (1.5mm) panel65£0.03View image
MA14Barrier strip bladeBarrier strip blade 0.25" 15A double ended, was RS:423-40325£0.10View image
MA41Turret tagsTurret tags (with tool) 6.5mm high for 2.03mm hole, RS:433-573 (lot price)184£12.00View image
H7Mains cable terminatorMains inlet cable terminator4£3.00View image

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Stock #Part #DescriptionQtyEachData
SC1430807-485Schroff 30807-485 12HP 3U front panel anodised2£2.00View datasheet
SC1030807-487Schroff 30807-487 21HP 3U front panel anodised7£3.00View datasheet
SC930807-494Schroff 30807-494 42HP 3U front panel anodised (30810-196)11£5.00View datasheet
S184230818-653Schroff 30818-653 84HP 6U front panel for hinge mounting1£10.00View datasheet
SC1330819-046Schroff 30819-046 EuroPac 42HP horizontal rail with Z for DIN41612 connectors anodised, RS:258-22016£4.50View datasheet
SC430819-064Schroff 30819-064 EuroPac 60HP horizontal rail with Z for DIN41612 connectors anodised4£5.00View datasheet
S183430819-088Schroff 30819-088 EuroPac 84HP horizontal rail with Z for DIN41612 connectors anodised4£6.00View datasheet
SC2130819-241Schroff 30819-241 EuroPac 84HP horizontal rail anodised2£5.00View datasheet
SC1230819-124Schroff 30819-124 EuroPac 42HP horizontal rail with lip anodised6£4.50View datasheet
SC2030819-594Schroff 30819-594 84Hp threaded insert strip, RS:258-21664£1.50View datasheet
S183430822-089Schroff 30822-089 84HP Z strip for DIN41612 anodised7£4.00View datasheet
SC1630825-146Schroff 30825-146 EuroPac double module rail 84HP anodised1£10.00View datasheet
SC1530825-216Schroff 30825-216 EuroPac horizontal rail with Z 84HP2£10.00View datasheet
SC1730825-463Schroff 30825-463 6U 340mm side panel N.O.S.6£7.50View datasheet
SC230825-430Schroff 30825-430 3U 280mm side panel4£5.00View datasheet
SC2230825-xxxSchroff 30825-xxx 3U 400mm side panel7£6.00View datasheet
SC130825-446Schroff 30825-446 EuroPac Lab 6U 19" mounting flange6£5.00View datasheet
SC830837-523Schroff 30837-523 EuroPac 60HP horizontal rail with lip clear chromated6£5.00View datasheet
SC730837-526Schroff 30837-526 EuroPac 63HP horizontal rail with lip clear chromated5£5.00View datasheet
SC630837-670Schroff 30837-670 EuroPac 63HP horizontal rail with Z for DIN41612 connectors clear chromated11£5.00View datasheet
SC1930837-547Schroff 30837-547 EuroPac 84HP horizontal rail with lip clear chromated3£5.00View datasheet
SC330837-945Schroff 30837-945 EuroPac Lab 3U 19" mounting flange4£5.00View datasheet
C188260800-064Schroff 60800-064 buss-bar for 0.6mm wire wrap pins 0.1" pitch36£1.00View image
SC1160817-102Schroff 60817-102 guide rail 160mm board 2mm groove high loading74£1.00View datasheet
SC560807-117Schroff 60807-117 (20808-068) 42HP grey handle10£1.50View datasheet
SC530808-141Schroff 30808-141 (20808-068) 42HP handle inserts6£1.00View datasheet
SC1821100-658Schroff 21100-658 ProPac earthing spring85£0.50View image View datasheet
K10GES62BSolder 60/40 Tin/Lead multi-core lead alloy, diameter 0.71mm 22SWG 500G reels9£15.00View image
D2027Fish spine beadFish spine bead stackable 3mm OD, 3mm stack pitch, 1.4mm nominal bore, similar to RS:536-406229000£0.005View image
S2497Sauro SMC072S045Sauro SMC072S045 Modular support system for 72mm wide PCB's, 45mm wide base element, similar Italtronic M72 07.603 000042£0.75View image View datasheet
S2498Sauro SMC072S011Sauro SMC072S011 Modular support system 72mm wide PCB's, 11.25mm wide base element, similar Italtronic M72 07.602 000032£0.50View image View datasheet
S2499Sauro SMC072T011Sauro SMC072T011 Modular support system 72mm wide PCB's, 10.5mm wide lateral element (end cover), similar Italtronic M72 07.608 000082£0.50View image View datasheet
S2500Sauro SMC072P020Sauro SMC072P020 Modular support system 72mm wide PCB's, DIN rail hook, similar Italtronic M72 07.600 000084£0.75View image View datasheet
F4Feet3M rubber stick on feet 20mm dia x 9mm28£0.10View image
D12M3 crinkle washerM3 crinkle washer Beryllium Copper1400£0.01View image
MM83Knob + pointerSifam black collet knob with pointer and cap 21mm dia x 6.35mm shaft fits MM36x or any 1/4in shaft4£1.00~

Further stock clearance and disposal items for sale
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Part numbers -
RS:416-540, Wire, 7/0.2, 16/0.2, 32/0.2, RS:702-3669, SBS4004T, SDS1206-391K, inductor, Fish spine bead, RS:536-4062, Thermal switch type L02 THERMIK:L02-090,05,300, 62GB-12E10-06SN, RS:450-118, FEC:1816255, DMP6301A, FEC:308742, Crydom, FEC:1538705, 40mm capacitor clamp, FEC:1187276, thumb-wheel switch 0-9, Relay socket, RS:349-298, Lumberg 690-4272-SG, 20mm fuse holder, Bulgin FX0296/1, thumb-wheel switch 0-9, Cherry TNC4000, end plate, Brass studding for thumb-wheel switches, T5.5 lamp, RS:564-475, Counting dial model 23, Counting dial model 15, PTFE tubing, Relay G5V-2, Relay AZ820, H12 Sleeve, 20mm Fuseholder, Voltage selector, Relay 4PCO 24V, Omron MY4, RS:340-358, Relay base, Relay DPCO 12V, VB12TBN Takamisawa, Push button, Apem 9000, RS:336-747, Schroff 60800-064 bussbar, DS-04, 120mm axial fan finger guard, Papst LZ30K, 60mm Fan, 60mm axial fan, AD6624HB-D71GL, RS:226-1724, RS:547-6036, Lens cap BLUE, Saia-Burgess, TH463313000, RS:339-386, Lens cap AMBER, TH463613000, RS:339-409, Lens cap RED, TH463413000, RS:339-392, Type 31 pushbutton, TH402100625, 16mm latching pushbutton, RS:338-951, TH400100601, RS:339-342, Relay DPCO 24V, FINDER Type 40.52S, RS:351-588, Relay SPCO 12V, Omron G2R1SN, TO220 clip, Redpoint 4426 KM series, FEC:265238, microswitch, Cherry DG series, RS:665-966, DPCO DIP switch, Erg SC5-1G2-023, Fuse 6A safe clip, GEC Alsthom safe clip fuse, FEC:177783, Bussmann NSD06A, Fuse 20A safe clip, FEC:177786, Bussmann NSD20A, Fuseholder safe clip, FEC:556154, Bussmann 32NNSF, PCB toggle switch, RS:318-569, Fuse 10A safe clip, FEC:177784, Bussmann NSD10A, 8 digit LCD counter, RS:292-6702, Lamp holder, TH450000625, RS:338-967, Braided sleeving, RS:398-509, RS:338-945, 30819-124, 30837-526, 30819-046, 30819-064, 30837-670, 30810-196, 30837-945, 30825-446, 30825-430, 60817-102, 20808-068, 60807-117, 30808-141, Schroff, EuroPac, 42HP, horizontal rail, chromated, 60HP, 63HP, 3U panel, EuroPac Lab, 19" mounting, bussbar, Guide rail, 160mm board, 42HP grey handle, handle inserts, 30819-594

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